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About me


Not your typical wedding DJ

About Me pages are typically a bit lame. I could go on about my years of experience in the industry, the venues and festivals I've played, the clients I've worked with but let's be honest - you want to know the real truths about me. 

Here's what you need to know...

My best trait

I LOVE music. I know, I know, a DJ who says that they love music - how cliché. But it's true. I wouldn't have spent 15+ years in the industry if I didn't. Plus, my encyclopedic knowledge of albums and songs really helps at pub quizzes.

(Arguably more important)
My worst trait

I'm a perfectionist - which I'm aware sounds like a job interview answer but I genuinely spend hours making sure that every detail of your music is perfect. You deserve to have the greatest party after the months of stress that comes with planning a wedding or event.

Tell us a secret

Everything from Bruce Springsteen and Whitney Houston to Ed Sheeran and Lizzo - I love the classic floor fillers as much as the next person.

But house and techno is the other side of my DJ'ing personality - I have a real love and extensive knowledge of the genre and if you do too, we can absolutely build that into your party.


Fun fact: This style of music has let me DJ at (humble brag incoming...) Lovebox Festival, Secret Garden Party and Egg Nightclub as well as in bars and clubs in Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen.

Best DJing memory

Teaching my wife to DJ so that we could surprise our wedding guests with a back to back set at our own festival themed wedding.


How I can help

Live DJ'ing

The obvious one - I mix your favourite tunes to create a party to remember.

Playlist creation, "JukeRocks!"

JukeRocks! is my playlist creation arm where I work with you to create the perfect music mix for key points during your day.

Technical consultation

Good sound is as important as the music that's played - if your venue doesn't provide equipment, I'll liaise with trusted providers to ensure we have everything we need.

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